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Illinois Workers’ Compensation Audit 2012

In April of 2012, The Illinois Auditor General, William G. Holland, released an audit of the Illinois Workers’ Compensation claims. The Auditor General found many issues with the Illinois Workers’ Compensation system. The report “Workers’ Compensation Program as it Applies to State Employees” was over 100 pages. The audit indicated that there are “no guidelines for how much to award.” “For instance, a common injury such as carpal tunnel syndrome meant compensation for the loss of five percent use of the hand in one case and total disability in the other.” This is not correct. The workers’ compensation system has      Read more…

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Does Tort Reform Affect Doctor Supply?

Tort reform advocates frequently claim physician supply is a tort reform issue. Proponents claim that unless there is reform physicians will flee the state. As an Illinois injury claim lawyer who accepts medical malpractice claims I believe this is relevant to Illinois law because lawmakers here have tried to cap damages in Illinois medical malpractice claims three times. The Illinois Supreme Court has held these caps unconstitutional each time. In a recent article entitled “Does Tort Reform Affect Physicians Supply – Evidence from Texas“, David Hymen, Charles Silver and Bernard Black examine the question. David Hymen is from University of Illinois, School      Read more…