The Importance of Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

Accident Lawyer Representing Victims in Springfield and Surrounding Communities

At Ackerman Law Office, our team has been fighting for victims in court and at the negotiating table for decades. Led by founding partner James W. Ackerman, we fully understand the pain and stress that an accident can cause for both an injured person and their family. This is why we work tirelessly to advocate for the full compensation that they deserve. Springfield personal injury lawyer James W. Ackerman has secured tens of millions of dollars in damages for victims who have been hurt in a broad range of situations, ranging from car accidents and medical malpractice to slip and falls, nursing home negligence, and defective products.

Why Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

An attorney plays a vital role in any personal injury case. Although many accidents may be covered by an insurance policy, insurers are often hesitant to pay out claims, and they regularly try to limit the amount of the payout in any way possible. An insurer may even try to pressure you to agree to a small fraction of what you are owed by approaching you shortly after the accident, when stress and uncertainty are at their peak. However, Illinois law requires insurers to act in good faith and bans them from engaging in fraudulent or deceptive practices. A seasoned attorney can help make sure an insurer is acting fairly.

Retaining a personal injury attorney in the Springfield area is also vital in your efforts to maximize your damages. A lawyer can not only identify the parties responsible for an accident but also put together a clear and convincing record of evidence to prove that responsibility. When driving, for instance, people are generally expected to operate their vehicles in a reasonably safe manner. A driver who does not do so is likely to be found negligent and liable for any injuries that result. The driver’s employer may also be liable if the driver was on the clock at the time of the collision. Additionally, auto manufacturers and parts makers may be liable if design and construction defects contributed to the crash. An experienced lawyer knows how to investigate an accident and build a case that will vigorously assert a victim’s rights.

Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Springfield to Advocate for You

Our law firm takes the time to understand each victim’s personal situation and make sure that they are fully aware of their rights and options at every step of the process. Our firm also limits the number of cases that we handle so that we can give personalized attention to each and every client. Springfield personal injury attorney James W. Ackerman works on a contingent fee basis in most cases. This means that you do not pay us unless you get paid. Ackerman Law Office represents victims throughout Central Illinois, including in Virginia, Champaign, Urbana, Taylorville, Decatur, Mount Zion, Hillsboro, and other communities in Champaign, Christian, Logan, Macon, Montgomery, and Peoria Counties. Call us at 888-889-1977 or 217-789-1977, or contact us online, to schedule a free consultation with a car accident lawyer or seek assistance with another type of personal injury claim.