Claims We Do Not Take

At Ackerman Law Office we rarely take certain types claims. It is not because we don’t think they are valid, because many of them are. However, we try to take fewer cases so we can micromanage our clients’ cases. Other lawyers may very well like these types of cases and be happy to take them on. If you call us and we will not accept claim, we’re happy to try to refer you to someone who will.

Prior Injury to Same Body Part

The first kind of case where we rarely take cases is when there has been a prior injury to the same body part. We find that juries are reluctant to make significant awards on these types claims. Again, many lawyers like these claims, but Jim Ackerman does not like to handle them.

Minor Impact Collisions

These types claims are called Low-Impact Soft Tissue claims – LIST or LUST -claims. We have read the studies that were conducted by the insurance industry some time ago. The studies indicate that people really get injured in these claims. I, Jim Ackerman, managed hurt my neck in one. However, juries don’t understand it. We find hiring an expert witness to explain the science is not economically viable. It can cost more to pay an expert to explain this to the jury then the jury awards for the soft tissue injury.

Accidents Where You Get the Traffic Ticket or are the Cause of the Accident

In order to make a good case you have to have liability and damage. If you are at fault it is it very difficult to prevail.

Cases Where Another Lawyer has Previously been Involved

While we understand that sometimes there are legitimate disputes between the client and lawyer, we find that most clients who have had one lawyer and are now shopping for another are more trouble than they’re worth. We do understand there are exceptions to this rule. Occasionally we make an exception to our rules. However, in general, we do not like to get involved with cases where there has been another lawyer involved.

If you don’t have any of these red flags, we look forward to speaking with you about your case – please call us at 217-789-1977. Even if you do have some of these red flags, we will talk to you and consider taking your case. However, we want you to be aware that the chances are very low, and we will most likely to refer you to another lawyer.