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J. Waldo Ackerman was the first lawyer in James Ackerman’s family. He became a lawyer in 1949; Ackerman lawyers have been serving the central Illinois ever since. J. Waldo Ackerman served in the Sangamon County States Attorney’s office from 1954 to 1960 as both an assistant and as the head of the office. He served as circuit judge from 1971 to 1976, when the president appointed him to serve as a federal judge for the United States District Court in central Illinois. He served there until he died.

James Ackerman, his son, served at the Sangamon County States Attorney’s office prosecuting criminals before he established Ackerman Law Office in 1989. After that, James Ackerman set his office apart from others in central Illinois by superior results, client support, and professionalism.

As a Springfield personal injury lawyer, James concentrates his work in the Springfield, Illinois region. Ackerman Law Office represents clients in central Illinois, including, Sangamon County, Springfield, Jacksonville, Decatur, Taylorville, Bloomington, Peoria, Champaign, and surrounding communities. We are the premier firm in the area for injury claims.

Ackerman Law Offices was named a Super Lawyers in Illinois. Only 5% of attorneys in the state are named in Super Lawyers. Ackerman Law Offices was named one of the Top Attorneys in Illinois by Super Lawyers, Law and Politics, and the publishers of Chicago Magazine.

At Ackerman Law Office we believe that our attorneys should give back to the community, and so we do. Our founding partner, Springfield personal injury attorney James Ackerman, is the host of the WMAY show Let's Talk Law. Pod casts of the show are available here. He is on the Board of Managers of the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association. He was also on the tort committee for the Illinois State Bar Association, who helped sponsor his radio show. He knows the issues his clients will have before they come up. He has witnessed and fought against the concerted propaganda campaigns of the tort reformers. He personally went to the Illinois legislature to help explain bills to the legislature. He helped to draft legislation that the Illinois Trial Lawyers wanted to get passed to protect injury victims.

Ackerman Law Office, P.C. has collected tens of millions of dollars for personal injury victims. James Ackerman, our founder, has extensive trial experience in personal injury claims. He obtained a record verdict in Christian County Illinois. He has tried numerous cases to verdict. He participated in the largest case in the central district of Illinois Federal Court, where his father had been on the bench.

Springfield personal injury lawyer James Ackerman is dedicated to providing the best service possible to its clients. We return calls within 24 hours and send copies of documents to clients automatically. Unlike some larger firms we keep our clients informed about their cases and keep them advised as to the law. We feel part of our job is to educate our clients about their case. We make time for our clients by limiting the cases we take. We give prompt action and personal attention to every client. We handle injury claims on a contingent fee, to help our clients be able to afford the litigation. We give initial consultations for free on injury claims. We are happy to go to trial for our clients, but our reputation frequently allows us to settle claims out of court favorably for our client. Other lawyers frequently refer cases to us that they are unable or unwilling to handle. See what our clients have to say on our Testimonials pages. Our blog is available at Springfield Injury Lawyer.

Personal injury work includes cases involving any injury claim that is based on fault. Negligence is the most common personal injury claim, but things like strict liability for dangerous products or intentional conduct can form the basis for a personal injury suit.

Car accidents are very common occurrences in today’s busy lifestyle. The insurer of the person at fault must pay for any injury caused by the bad driving. It is helpful, but not absolutely necessary, for the victim to see a lawyer as soon as possible to document the damage to the cars. We often hire someone to examine the vehicles. Frequently seatbacks will be subtly damaged by the wreck. This can be important in explaining the wreck to a jury or insurance adjuster.

Truck accidents are not just car wrecks with bigger vehicles. Trucking companies use independent contractors to limit their liability. There may be a separate company that employs driver to limit the trucking company’s responsibility. Each trucking company keeps detailed records of the driver’s activity in the vehicle. This can sometimes explain the injury, especially if the driver has not slept enough.

Medical malpractice is an area of law that requires great expertise. Doctors must be hired to testify about the negligence. These cases are very technical and require a great deal of attention to detail to effectively prosecute them, which is what makes Ackerman Law Office excel at them.

Workers compensation claims are against a person’s employer. The law differs greatly from normal personal injury claims. Many lawyers do not understand it. Some workers injured on the job receive disability payments for life or getting an award this based on their body part.

Construction accidents can be life altering. They may involve workers compensation claims and/or claims against another party, whether it is a landowner, or another construction company. Often these claims involve an initial claim against the employer and the second claim against the person or entity that caused the injury.

James Ackerman is willing and able to go to trial. Unlike some personal injury firms, we try cases. James Ackerman has tried numerous cases to verdict. He enjoys an exemplary record. James worked at the states attorneys’ office prosecuting criminals before entering private practice, where he had significant jury work. In an era where the jury trial is under attack, many attorneys never see the courtroom. Ackerman Law Office knows how to go to trial when needed. Insurance companies know which lawyers will and which lawyers will not go to trial. They consider the potential verdict threat in determining what to pay the injury victims. We believe that you must prepare your case to go to trial to get a reasonable settlement. If you want to get what is owed to you, you need a Springfield personal injury lawyer who can get it.

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Very good experience. Will reach out to you for personal matters if I ever need to. I am happy to recommend you and to speak positively of my experience.
Jim and his staff were very professional. He was exceptional about keeping me informed. He was very thorough and down to earth. He felt more like a friend than an attorney. I was very pleased. Creg
My experience was pleasant and professional. My needs and concerns were addressed and resolved. I would recommend this law office to family and friends. Betty