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Appeal Of Vaginal Mesh Case – Christine Scott

We had Christine Scott on the air with her lawyer quite some time ago to discuss her trial over vaginal mesh case. Partially as a result, James Ackerman got involved in some vaginal mesh litigation and is actively interested in these issues.  There are currently 70,000 vaginal mesh cases pending in federal court in a multi-district  litigation. Vaginal mesh is the biggest type of civil lawsuit pending in federal court. All the rest of other cases pending in all the federal courts do not total number of vaginal mesh cases pending. Christine Scott filed a complaint against Bard entered Dr.      Read more…

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Zofran Lawsuits

Zofran (ondansetron) is an antinausea drug. It is intended for significant nausea issues caused by things like chemotherapy. However, Glaxo SmithKline also marketed it for use with pregnant women. The problem was that Glaxo SmithKline had failed to do any testing of the drug with pregnant women.  In 2006, prior to its becoming available in a generic form, Zofran was among the top selling drugs in the United States. The FDA estimated that number nearly a quarter of Zofran prescriptions were given to pregnant women. As early as 2006, in a study published in Hong Kong, concerns were raised about      Read more…

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The First Transvaginal Mesh Plaintiff’s Verdict

Christine Scott was an avid runner. She ran in marathons and shorter races as a hobby and to keep in shape. She began having problems with incontinence of urine. She went to see her doctor. Her doctor told her to try a surgical implant of transvaginal mesh. The mesh supports the organs, preventing prolapse. The surgery, her doctor told her, was safe and would fix her problems. He put Avalta mesh, in Christine, which is manufactured by Bard. Unfortunately, her doctor was wrong. After undergoing the surgery, the first problem Christine noticed was that she could not urinate at all.      Read more…