Traumatic Brain Injury

More than a million people a year suffer a traumatic brain injury. Traumatic brain injuries are a leading cause of death and disability in the United States and in the world. They are frequently a result of a serious car, truck, or motorcycle wreck. Sporting injuries are a large component of the accidents. It is estimated that 21% of people with serious traumatic brain injuries die within 30 days.

For those who survive, the complications can be severe and long lasting. Headaches, memory problems, emotional issues. Personality changes, nausea, blurred vision, limb pain or numbness, and slurred speech, among other things, can continue to plague the patient.

Therapy can last a long time to help enable the patient to recover. The brain often heals slowly, even with appropriate care.

For those who are less severely injured, their claims are often highly litigated. Today, even with sophisticated imaging, methods such as MRIs and CT Scans, detection of the injury can be elusive. The swelling of the brain, that causes the problems, does not always show up on the scans. In even serious cases, the defendants often try to claim that the victim is faking, malingering, or exaggerating their claim, regardless of how clear it is that the victim has genuine injuries.

It takes experience for an attorney to understand the complex nature of traumatic brain injuries. At Ackerman Law Office we understand that traumatic brain injuries can be serious long lasting problems for both the victim and their family. They can cause changes in personality, changes in a person’s ability to remember, as well as things like headaches.

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