About Ackerman Law

Ackerman Law Office has a long legacy of Assisting Illinois residents in need of guidance and advocacy when it comes to a variety of claims. This includes claims resulting from workers’ compensation, personal injury, car wrecks, trucking accidents, and medical neglect. Additional services include, but are not limited to, estate planning and probate cases.

Whether you have been injured in a car or truck crash, in a work-related accident, or due to a medical provider or nursing home’s negligence, our firm can help you determine your next legal steps.

Time For You!

The most striking different between most law firms and the Ackerman Law Office is the level of time and attention we give to each client’s case. The Ackerman Law Office is a boutique firm which concentrates in specific areas of the law. We manage each case to the smallest detail, and that level of service means we must limit the number and types of cases we accept.

Most of our new clients are referred to us by existing clients who are delighted with the work we have done for them. Our clients know that personal service and attention to every detail of their case is our highest priority. When you contact us, we will do a fast assessment of your case and then tell you if we think it is viable. You can learn more by reading our Client Reviews.

If we take your case, you can expect our immediate, diligent and zealous service until your case is resolved. If we can’t take your case, we will quickly refer you to a firm capable of meeting your needs.

About Jim Ackerman

Jim’s approach to the law and to meeting our clients’ needs comes from his belief that clients are best served when they are fully informed and engaged in every aspect of their case. Jim brings years of legal and courtroom experience to every case. Read more about personal injury attorney Jim Ackerman.

Practice Areas

Accident victims, victims of medical malpractice and victims of nursing home neglect need experienced legal assistance to help them get what they deserve.

Personal Injury Statute of Limitations

Personal injury claims are most often based on the legal theory of negligence, which applies when one party breaches their duty of care to a victim. Most personal injury cases in Illinois must be filed within the two-year statute of limitations set by the state, but exceptions exist for some claims. Read more about the statute of limitations for personal injury in Illinois.

Our Fees – Contingent Fees and Free Initial Consultations

Initial consultations are free. Workers compensation, personal injury, medical malpractice, wrongful death, and some business litigation case are handled on a contingent fee basis. That means Ackerman Law office only gets paid if you do. We can also do blended fee cases in some situations, where the client pays a reduced hourly fee and a reduced contingent fee, especially in business litigation situations. Read more about our fees.

Claims We Do Not Take

Prior injuries to the same body part, Minor impact collisions, collisions where you get the ticket or are the cause of the accident, another lawyer has previously been involved are a few of the types of cases we generally do not take. Please call us at 217-789-1977 to discuss your individual case. Read more about claims we do not take.

Resources for Clients

Ackerman Law cares about clients, and we’ve taken care to provide additional resources to help you make the best decisions possible. Here are a few of the resources we’ve provided to our clients and the general public:

Central Illinois Locations Served

Our firm represents residents of Urbana, Champaign, Taylorville, Decatur, Mount Zion, Hillsboro, and Virginia, as well as other areas of Cass, Champaign, Christian, Logan, Macon, Montgomery, and Peoria Counties.

Service to the Community

Jim Ackerman believes that community service is an important aspect of running a successful personal injury firm. He has dedicated his time to many committees such as public relations and the tort committees at the Illinois State Bar Association, the Board of Managers, Supreme Court Rules and legislative committees at the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association. Read more about our service to the community.