Uninsured / Under-insured Claims

All to often a negligent driver has no insurance. This may not prevent a person from bringing a claim. Many drivers will have what is known as coverage for uninsured drivers. A similar situation comes up when someone is injured by a person whose insurance is insufficient to cover the damage. In Illinois drivers are required to have at least $20,000 dollars in insurance coverage (with certain unusual exceptions). If a victim sustains more than the $20,000 they may have a claim against their own policy for damages exceeding $20,000.

The under-insurance claim is a claim against the victim’s policy, or the policy of the owner of the car that the victim was a passenger in. The claim is governed by the terms of the policy, although Illinois law mandates minimum policy terms. In many situations the claim has a provision for arbitration or a similar process. Typically, each party picks an arbitrator. Then the two arbitrators pick a third arbitrator.

If you think the selections by the parties are neutral, think again. Illinois law allows the arbitrators to be biased. Either the driver or the passenger may make a claim. There is a case where an Illinois attorney actually served as an arbitrator on a case where his clients, an insurer, was a party. He was allowed to serve as an arbitrator in another case involving the same insurer. The appellate court said this is acceptable. While some believe this is unreasonable, it is law in Illinois. Fortunately, the first two (biased) arbitrators get together and hire a third. The third arbitrator is supposed to be neutral, although it takes knowledge of the possible arbitrators to get a feel for who is pro-victim, who is pro-insurer, and who is fair.

At Ackerman Law Office we understand the arbitration process. James Ackerman has advocated to change the rule that allows insurance companies to hire their own attorneys as arbitrators. He hires arbitrators who are fair. He is willing to formally arbitrate the uninsured/under-insured claim if necessary. However, he will do what he can to settle it so his clients do not have to go through a process that can be unpleasant for them.

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