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A serious personal injury is devastating. In addition to affecting your health, your work, and your personal life, there are bills to pay. An experienced personal injury attorney will work with you to help you get the compensation you deserve and the peace of mind that you’ve done everything you can do to recover and get back to your life.

Dedicated to Helping Accident Victims

At Ackerman Law Office, we are dedicated to helping accident victims pursue proper actions against those responsible for their harm. James Ackerman has extensive trial experience and is willing to take matters to court when fair settlements cannot be reached, always acting in the best interest of the client given their situation. Whether you have been injured in a car or truck crash, in a work-related accident, or due to a medical provider or nursing home’s negligence, our firm can help you determine your next legal steps.

As a personal injury lawyer in the Springfield Illinois area, Jim Ackerman understands that a serious injury as a result of another party’s actions requires considerable efforts in recovery that can leave you with substantial medical bills and time missed from work. Personal injury claims are most often based on the legal theory of negligence, which applies when one party breaches their duty of care to a victim. Most personal injury cases in Illinois must be filed within the two-year statute of limitations set by the state, but exceptions exist for some claims. Consulting an experienced attorney at Ackerman Law Office can help make sure that your rights are preserved after you have been injured.

Understanding Personal Injury

Most people understand that a personal injury is any type of physical injury to a person. But did you know that it can also include emotional injury? A personal injury can be temporary or permanent. In extreme cases, personal injury can result in death.

Causes of Personal Injury

There are many causes of personal injury. Vehicle accidents are a common cause of personal injury, and include automobile, trucking accidents, motorcycle, bus, train, boat, personal watercraft, snowmobile, ATV, golf cart, and motor scooter accidents. Defective products can also cause personal injuries. A negligence personal injury happens when a person is injured due to a lack of reasonable care by someone at a business or other property. Certain criteria must be met, however: the property owner must have known of an unreasonably dangerous condition, that is not observable to guests, and that causes an actual injury. Negligence can also be related to health care providers; if their failure to meet the applicable standard of care results in injury to a patient. That also includes personal injuries in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Malpractice personal injury cases can apply to medical as well as legal, architectural and accounting professionals, who must meet certain minimum standards of competence. Malpractice personal injury occurs when their actions do not meet that standard and cause an injury or damage.

Areas where a personal injury lawyer can help:

The Role of a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have suffered personal injuries in the Springfield, Illinois area, we recommend you consult a personal injury lawyer right away. The role of a personal injury lawyer is to assess your case to determine if your injury resulted from another person’s negligence or misconduct and if the fact can be proven. We will collect and preserve evidence and perform research and consider the evidence, key witnesses and the circumstances of the accident. We will advise you about the possibility of receiving compensation for your injuries and options for pursuing your case.

Clients of Ackerman Law Office get prompt action and personalized attention. We return calls within 24 hours, and provide copies of important correspondence and documents concerning your case so you know what is going on. Read more about Ackerman Law Office.

Then we will manage your case to ensure the best possible outcome for you, including submitting necessary paperwork and meeting deadlines related to your specific case.

It’s likely the response to your case will be handled by a team of lawyers from the insurance company of the person who was responsible for injuring you. They are very experienced at this and their goal is to deny or minimize your compensation. Having an experienced Springfield IL personal injury lawyer on your team can help you succeed and get full compensation for your injuries.

Most personal injury cases settle out of court, without going to trial. An insurance settlement can result in a faster payment to you. A personal injury attorney who is skilled at negotiation can help make sure you receive fair compensation. A personal injury trial can take much longer, and it’s important to adhere to the rules and meet specific deadlines. When necessary, at Ackerman Law Offices, we move cases to trial to resolve them as quickly as possible.

Read about the Statute of Limitations for personal injury claims.

Compensation for Personal Injuries

If your case is caused by another party and is likely to result in compensation to you, your personal injury attorney will estimate the value of your case. We take into consideration all aspects of your case, including, past medical bills, future medical expenses, wages lost, cost of rehabilitation or vocational rehabilitation, loss of consortium, pain and suffering, disability, loss of a normal life, and any other loss you may sustain. We regularly evaluate claims of clients in order to estimate settlement and trial value.

Ackerman Law Office gives clients honest straightforward advice based on years of litigation experience.

Personal Injury Lawyer Fees

If you have an injury claim contact us at Ackerman Law Office. We are confident in our ability to win, so we take these claims on a contingent fee basis and offer free initial consultations.

Choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer in Springfield, IL

Extensive trial experience in personal injury cases

Your choice of personal injury attorney can be important to the success of your case. At Ackerman Law Office, we have won tens of millions of dollars in compensation for personal injury victims.

James Ackerman, our founder, has extensive trial experience in personal injury claims. He has tried numerous cases to verdict. He participated in the largest case in the central district of Illinois Federal Court. Read more about James Ackerman.

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James Ackerman served on the Board of Managers of the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association, and the tort committee and public relations committee of the Illinois State Bar Association, who sponsored his radio show. He has seen, and fought against the concerted propaganda campaigns of the tort reformers. He has personally gone over to the Illinois legislature to help explain bills to the legislature. He has personally helped to draft legislation that the Illinois Trial Lawyers wanted to get passed.

Ackerman Law Offices was named a Super Lawyers in Illinois. Only 5% attorneys in the state are named in Super Lawyers. Ackerman Law Offices was named one of the Top Attorneys in Illinois by Super Lawyers, Law and Politics, and the publishers of Chicago Magazine.

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