Trucking Accidents

Trucking accidents are commonly caused by a truck driver’s careless actions, including operating their vehicle despite extreme fatigue, rushing to meet a deadline, improper braking, or driving under the influence. Defective parts, such as faulty brakes, can also be a factor contributing to a truck crash. Claims arising from a truck collision sometimes involve complex issues. This is because trucking companies may argue that they are using independent contractors rather than employee drivers in an effort to limit liability. Additionally, collecting and presenting evidence in these cases requires a thorough knowledge of the relevant federal and state regulations, the technical features of the truck and its components, and the interactions among the various parties involved. Springfield personal injury lawyer James Ackerman has a strong track record of success in dealing with these complicated issues on behalf of clients.

People injured in trucking accidents usually have extremely serious injuries. The energy generated by the weight and speed of a truck is incredible. The engines alone weigh in the thousands of pounds. Some weigh as much as a small car, not including the chassis of the tractor. The tractor is what adds weight. Law prohibits an 18-wheel truck from carrying more than 80,000 pounds. This slows their ability to stop the vehicle on dry pavement as much as 20 to 40%.

There are about 2 million drivers with CDL s (Commercial Drivers Licenses). With so many drivers and so many miles to drive it is not surprising that there are serious injuries.

Serious Injuries from Semi-Trucks

Semi-trucks weigh so much that when a truck hits a car, the car loses. So do the passengers. People in cars hit by semi-trucks often get broken bones, spinal injuries and head injuries. They often require surgeries and suffer disabling conditions that change their lives forever. A victim’s injuries often affect their ability to work and they may need to change jobs, if they can work at all.

Understanding Trucking Regulations

Victims also need someone who knows about driving laws. Department of Transportation imposes regulations on trucking companies to keep the highways safe. It is surprising how few of the drivers or the owners of trucking companies are familiar with these laws. Companies often skirt the regulations, putting profits before safety.

Driver Fatigue

Driver fatigue is a large issue in trucking cases, because drivers get fatigued from driving so much, which causes wrecks. Drivers often lie about their time sheets. Their employers are often complicit in the lies. Drivers want more deliveries, as do the owners. They normally know the federal hours of service regulations which govern how many hours a week they can drive, how long they must wait between shifts and how long hey can work in a single stretch, so they fake their time sheets and lie.

Fast Action Saves Evidence

You cannot trust the defendant in a trucking accident to help protect your rights. In trucking accident cases you need to preserve evidence. Federal regulations require that some evidence be kept for 6 months, but this is not enough. An injury victim may want to protect and inspect the black box. Drivers and companies will sometimes alter the driving logs to appear as if they were safe. Furthermore, prompt investigation can helps preserve evidence. Skid marks do not last because the rain washes them away. Witnesses must be located. Sometimes accident re-constructionists may be hired to interpret the crash scene.

Types of Trucking Accident Injury Cases

Types of trucking cases include:

  • Improperly securing the load
  • Intoxication of the driver
  • Negligent hiring of the driver
  • Speeding
  • Driving when too tired
  • Improper maintenance of brakes or other equipment
  • Improper or insufficient background checks of drivers

Ackerman Law – Experience to Win Trucking Accident Cases

Truck accident victims need an attorney who is familiar with serious injuries, who understands trucking regulations and who has the experience and ability to act quickly to preserve evidence. Ackerman Law Office makes drivers and trucking companies live up to their obligations.

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