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Piercing the Corporate Veil in Personal Injury Claims

As a Plaintiff’s lawyer I’m always concerned about naming the right corporate defendant. People frequently set up numerous corporations and LLC’s to protect them from liability. They often have similar names. If you look at the Cyberdrive website and look up any Corporation you will find numerous ones with similar names. To make matters worse, people who own a lot of rental property typically set up one big LLC with a different sub – LLC for each property. This can make suing the proper defendant very difficult. This came up in the recent case of Angell vs. Stantefort Family Holdings LLC.      Read more…

Business Litigation Springfield Injury Lawyer Blog

Discussions with People Including Lawyers in a Business Transaction Does Not Waive the Attorney-Client

In the case of Center Partners, LTD v. Growth Head GP, LLC, state of Illinois Supreme Court clarifies the law about waiver of the attorney-client privilege in a business transaction. Anything said between an attorney and their client is normally privileged. Parties cannot get at the substance of the conversation during discovery. In this case the attorney client privilege came up in a business transaction. The parties to an agreement all discussed with their attorneys, various aspects of the transaction. There was litigation over the transaction. During the discovery depositions one of the parties testified as follows: “[Stefanek]: Well, we all      Read more…