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Back Injuries

Back injuries, especially low back injuries, are very common in personal injury claims. The human spine is comprised of 24 articulation vertebrates. The thoracic vertebrae (upper back region), move less than the cervical (neck ) and lumbar (lower back). They are injured less frequently.

Between each vertebrate is a disc which separates each of them. As we age the disc material dries out. As the discs dry they degenerate. Degenerative changes are a natural part of aging. However, these changes make it easier for a person to get injured.

The changes are frequently seen on X-rays, CT scans or MRI's. When they are, insurance defense lawyers point out that the degeneration changes existed before the accident. Attorneys who understand the medical reports can point out that while degenerative changes are often pre-existing, they increase the risk that the victim was hurt. Less experienced lawyers, who do not regularly handle personal injury claims, may not understand the relationship.

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